Thursday, March 3, 2011

Angel is Heavenly

Last night Beth debuted her completed Angel Mohair Shawl made for her upcoming class (later this month).  When she pulled that baby out of her project bag we all literally GASPED in delight! Then, we  lined up and anxiously awaited our turn to get our hands on this delicious confection!  I’m laughing now just thinking about it – we all had the same exact involuntary reaction:  We said “OOOHHHH” when we saw it, and then “AAAHHH” when we touched it and wrapped it around ourselves!  Ha-Ha!
I’ve never been a fan of mohair (merely looking at was enough to make me itchy all over!), but all that changed the moment I touched Angel, Debbie Bliss’ newest yarn.  Super Kid Mohair blended with Silk = YUM!  I tried the shawl on this morning, and it’s almost magical – Light as a feather while snuggly warm at the same time!  I love the juxtaposition!  It felt like I was wearing a delicate hug given by…………well, “Angel” wings. 

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