Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion Forecast

I went shopping a few weeks ago looking for some basic turtleneck shirts to wear under my sweaters.  After consulting my existing wardrobe, I decided I needed some pastel colors – pink definitely (my favorite), and maybe light blue and soft yellow.  Much to my surprise, when I walked into the store, there was not a pastel color in sight – in ANYTHING!  Everything was bright jewel tones.  Hmmmm.   Well, okay, I like the jewel tones too – maybe pastels will come back in the Spring. 
Another thing I noticed was that knitwear was HUGE!  Lots of chunky vest-like sweaters, either sleeveless or with cute little cap sleeves.  Perfect to wear over turtlenecks – YAY!  The other trend I saw was ruffles and  big necklines such as exaggerated cowls or collars.  Then, just a couple of days ago, I saw Cecily Tynan on Action News wearing a cute sleeveless knit with a huge drapey cowl neck practically down to her navel!  Not sure I could pull that off ;-)
Faced with having to switch gears from pastels to brights, I’m thinking I’d like to try some new colors for myself – Teal and Orange (maybe even together!).   So many colors to explore – so little time!  There are also a few new Doris Chan crochet patterns I’d like to try (one with a cowl neck, and one with a large shawl collar).  Stay tuned!

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